City of Derry Golf Club

Child Safeguarding Statement

City of Derry Golf Club provides various golfing activities and opportunities for young people through participation in club golf and in representing the Club in inter club competitions.

City of Derry Golf Club is committed to safeguarding children by working under our Safeguarding Policy. Our staff, both volunteers and employed, working with our young people, in the Club, seek to create a safe environment for young people to grow and develop within golf by adhering to the following principles:

Importance of childhood - The importance of childhood should be understood and valued by everyone involved in golf.

Needs of the child - All junior golf experiences should be guided by what is best for children. This means that adults should have a basic understanding of the emotional, physical and personal needs of young people.

Integrity in relationships - Adults interacting with children in golf are in a position of trust and influence and must never abuse this position of trust. They should always ensure that children are treated with integrity and respect, and the self-esteem of young people is enhanced.

Fair Play - All junior golf should be conducted in an atmosphere of fair play. City of Derry Golf Club will promote fair play, respect, ethics, integrity and safety throughout our club.

Quality atmosphere & ethos - Junior golf should be conducted in a safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Competition - Competition is an essential element of golf and should be encouraged in an age-appropriate manner. A balanced approach to competition can make a significant contribution to the development of children, while at the same time providing fun, enjoyment and satisfaction. However competitive demands are often placed on children too early which can result in excessive levels of pressure on them. Golf leaders should aim to put the welfare of young people first and competitive standards second.

Equality - All children should be valued and treated in an equitable and fair manner regardless of ability, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social and ethnic background or political persuasion.

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